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Designed to replace the original BMW fuel strip sensor, this aftermarket fuel strip sensor has been developed to be durable through the use of a new microprocessor which is not subjected to thermal stress; the cause of the breakage on the original sensors.

See below for fitment instructions: 

1. On the original fuel strip, firstly remove the original strip from the plastic housing with the assistance of a flat bladed screwdriver to open up the plastic clip at the one end. Once this has been done, the sensor can be unplugged and the strip removed.

2. Now you can feed the new strip in to the black plastic housing. Push the strip in to the housing until you get to the sensor; push this in until it seats.

3. Snip the wires from the old fuel sensor so that you can then connect up to the exposed wires on the new fuel sensor, making use of the existing wiring connector. Connect the wires up, matching the colours as you go. We suggest soldering the wires for a good, solid connection. Cover the soldered connection with heat shrink. 

4. Refit to the sensor to the bike, and calibrate just like the original sensor using a tool such as the Hex GS-911. 

Fitment notes: 

- When connecting the sensor, the colors of the cables must be replaced like for like.

- When removing the damaged sensor, it is important to correctly clean the pins where the new one will be placed, they can even be twisted with a needle nose pliers about 15 or 20 degrees to ensure good quality contact.

- It is essential to carry out a full battery charge after changing the sensor so that it starts measuring correctly.

- Calibration is recommended in all cases. Installing the sensor without a calibration will cause an error. The calibration can be carried out with the sensor outside or inside the tank and with or without fuel.

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