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Speedo Angels

Want to prevent marks and scratches on your expensive instrumentation? Struggling to read your speedo because of glare? Look no further than Speedo Angels! 

22 June 2022
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Join the Motorworks Team!

We have a rare opportunity for someone to come and join the Motorworks team! 

26 May 2022
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2023 Calendar Competition - Enter now!

Every year, we release a calendar with some of our customers favourite photos of their BMW motorcycles...

Send your entries in for our 2023 Calendar!

28 April 2022
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How does E10 fuel affect my BMW?

We’ve been getting a lot of enquiries from our UK customers regarding the recently introduced E10 fuel, and if your BMW will run OK on it. Read more about it here... 

9 February 2022
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Welcome to the new Motorworks website!

We’ve had a winter project of our own on the go – our new website! We’ve stripped it down, picked out some upgrades, and rebuilt it so it’s better than ever. Welcome to the new Motorworks website! Read more about it here...

9 February 2022
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