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19 December 2022
XCP Professional

XCP Professional provide a range of market-leading products that can lubricate, protect and clean your motorcycle!

Whether you are looking for general purpose maintenance, chain lubrication or long lasting corrosion protection, XCP Professional provides high performance solutions.

Worthy of note are the leading corrosion resistant 'Rust Blocker' products, which have been voted Ride Magazine 'Best Buy', BikeSocial 'Best Buy', and MCN 5 star. 'Rust Blocker' offers the best corrosion resistance, while 'Clear Coat' offers slightly less protection but is slightly easier to apply and remove. 

XCP 'One' is a highly effective multi-purpose, 'WD-40' type product. XCP 'Universal Parts Cleaner' is great for cleaning and degreasing, but also works brilliantly as a chain cleaning product and is safe for use with all chain types. XCP 'Chain Lubricant' is a non-sticky film that offers excellent penetration without attracting and retaining dirt like a lot of chain lubricants can do. This also means less fling! 
And not forgetting the XCP Professional 'Cleaner & Degreaser', which won BikeSocial 'Best Buy' and received 10/10 for its cleaning performance. It's water based and biodegradable, but cuts through grease, oil, dirt and grime and can be used as a degreaser or diluted and used as a cleaner, making it great value for money. Available in 1 litre and 5 litre volumes, it's worth keeping in your stock of cleaning products!

Motorworks stock the full range of XCP Professional products which are available to purchase on our website...  

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