Product spotlight - Givi

Givi brand spotlight
5 March 2024
Product spotlight - Givi

Givi produces and makes motorbike accessories perfect for demanding bikers. Givi’s Bags, cases and helmets are the international point of reference for safety, strength, ease of use and design.

Givi's history began in 1978, thanks to the initiative of founder Giuseppe Visenzi, who quit being a MotoGP rider to concentrate on his business ideas. Givi's product evolution began with engine guards, followed by luggage solutions such as racks and panniers, including the introduction of the Monolock. Monokey and Wingrack sytems. After this, Givi introduced safety equipment such as helmets. Nowadays, Givi supply products from side stand enlargers, rocker cover protectors, windscreens, sump guards, radiator protectors all the way to their respected luggage systems.

Motorworks are pleased to supply high quality Givi products for all BMW motorcycle models. View the range of Givi products here! 

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