Please can you explain the advantages of Viton seals & O-rings?

Viton is a highly durable material used for O-rings, seals, and gaskets. It is used commonly for automotive applications, which makes it ideal for motorcycle usage!

Compared to other elastomers (rubbery materials!), Viton is better at withstanding high temperatures, while also retaining good mechanical properties, resisting degradation from a wider variety of chemicals and fluids, including oils, acids, silicone fluids and fuels. It can maintain a seal even in the presence of oxidation, UV exposure, weather, ozone, fungus and mould.

Viton is known to deliver exceptional performance in oxygenated automotive fuels, making it resistant against ethanol now found in E5 and E10 fuels available at petrol stations. 

We now offer Viton alternatives for many fitments in O-rings, seals and gaskets, so use with confidence if you see a Viton item listed on the website!

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