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250ml Tankfix, 2x 250ml Rustfix, Up to 30L tanks
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This is a kit combining of 2x Wagner Rustfix 250ml and Wagner Tank sealer 250ml, enough to do a 30 litre tank!

Important: please also see the instructions below under "Documents" as other materials may be required to carry out a thorough process, such as Acetone. 

WAGNER Tankfix is a highly effective single-component resin for the long-term coating of fuel tanks.

Use this product after your tank has been cleaned and cleared of rust, using Wagner Rustfix OIA44250! 

Tankfix establishes a fuel- and acid-proof long-term coating
seals small leaks (folds, welds, small holes)
solvent-containing, single-component polyurethane resin, thus universally applicable
Uncoated fuel tanks increasingly corrode since the introduction of unleaded petrol – the resulting rust particles harm fuel pumps, carburetors and injection systems. Even tanks of diesel- and two-stroke-vehicles suffer pitting corrosion. Tanks made of glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) suffer too from the ingredients of modern fuels – with time they become leaky and moist.

Tank within the tank!

Tankfix saves the tank by virtually building a protective inner tank. Even already leaky, moist, smelly fuel tanks become 100% leakproof after the sealing!

Unlike most dual-component sealings, Tankfix does not become brittle, instead permanently retains a minimum of flexibility – thus ensuring a dependable adhesion even under future damages of the tank by vibrations or small accidents. Moreover the single-component resin cures slowly and gives the user more time to manage a faultless sealing process and to ensure that all surfaces are properly sealed.

Tankfix seals inner tank surfaces made of steel (also alloys), aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass and plastics like carbon fibre, GRP, Kevlar, polyester oder vinyl ester (for plastics we strongly recommend to test the adhesiveness beforehand).

Even new tanks with smooth surfaces on the inside can be sealed with Tankfix, roughening is not necessary. Tankfix is not suitable for tanks made of polyethylene or polypropylene, this materials cannot be sealed permanently.

Tankfix withstands leaded and unleaded fuel, ethanol petrols like E5, E10 and E85, pure ethanol, pure petrol, two-stroke mix, diesel, aviation fuel, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil/liquid, mineral oil, synthetic oil, two-stroke oil, upper cylinder oil and additives like WAGNER Octane Booster. Tankfix is not suitable for tanks used for coolant liquid.

With your tank now completely sealed and through the continued use of WAGNER Bactofin, the fuel supply system of your vehicle is well prepared for the future!

Note: For improved sealing of our cans, they are stored upside down after being filled at the factory. As a result, minimal quantities of sealing resin can emerge at the edge of the lid – this is intentional and taken into account in calculating the quantity of the content.

  • 100% ethanol resistant
  • permanently flexible
  • hardens slowly
  • adheres perfectly
  • forms a durable petrol- (gasoline-) and acid-resistant coating
  • seals small leaks (folds, wrinkles, weld seams, small holes)
  • solvent-containing single-component polyurethane resin, thus universally applicable
  • multiple use, surplus Tankfix can be reused

WAGNER Rustfix phosphatizing rust converter stops rust immediately – and removes even the deepest rust layers.

Use this product first to clean and prepare your tank, and then follow up with Wagner Tankfix sealer OIA55250! 

Rustfix really works – it stops corrosion instantly and subverts even the deepest rust layers down to blank metal. Rustfix is thin, thus penetrating even the smallest pores. By phosphatizing, the corrosion-pitted, porous surface structure is chemically repaired, leaving behind a firm, clean metal surface ideally preconditioned for the final protective coating. The surface can then be easily painted, coated, tin or even zinc plated. No sandblasting & grinding needed! Derusting with Rustfix is way more profound than all mechanical methods, thus ensuring a longer term rust-free success.

WAGNER Rustfix does not corrode aluminium or non-ferrous metals, nor is soft or brazing solder affected in any way. When used as instructed, Rustfix is innocuous to paint and rubber. In high concentrations, extended immersion or if used undiluted, some types of paint and rubber can be damaged if drops or splashes are not neutralised and washed off with water in time.

Rustfix works reliably even at temperatures down to 0° Celsius and does not have to be warmed beforehand. Rustfix is easy to use, leaves no spots and can be disposed of via the sewage system.

The dark grey layer (phosphatisation) left by Rustfix on iron and steel effectively protects metal surfaces from rust. The protection can be made permanently by a suitable final protective treatment with a plastic coating, paint, resin, lacquer, tar, wax, tin or zinc.

The treatment with Rustfix improves rust protection and the adhesion of the final protective coating. On non-ferrous metal surfaces such as aluminum or zinc sheet, Rustfix is suitable for priming (pre-etching). Therefore it’s a good idea to also treat new, rust-free metals with Rustfix.

  • Rustfix stops corrosion instantly, no sandblasting & grinding needed
  • subverts even the deepest rust layers down to blank metal
  • Rustfix is thin, thus penetrating even the smallest pores
  • leaves a solid, clean, phosphatized surface ideally preconditioned for the final protective coating
  • saves time and money, no derusting or priming required
  • Rustfix should only be used on surfaces free of oil and grease
  • Rustfix is ready for use and easy to apply
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