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Please note: this charger is not suitable for Lithium batteries.
Prolong battery life with this Swedish battery charger. It is the best we have come across yet. Essential equipment (has specific setting) for charging Odyssey batteries. Also see ACA66661C for socket adaptor. The MXS 3.8 is a proven reliable charger. Offering important features such as desulphation, maintenance charging and cold mode for optimised charging during cold winter months.
TThe MXS 3.8 is an advanced microprocessor controlled battery charger with patented Float/Pulse maintenance for use on batteries from 1.2Ah up to 85Ah. The MXS 3.8 solves a broad range of battery problems and is the ideal charger for everyday use. Features of the MXS 3.8 include diagnosis of battery condition to establish if it can receive and retain charge, patented automatic desulphation programme and a special 'Snowflake' mode for optimum charging on cold winter days. Patented Float/Pulse maintenance means the MXS 3.8 ideal for long-term maintenance. The entire process of battery testing, charging and maintenance is easily followed on the clear LED display.
The MXS 3.8 is a fully automatic 'connect and forget' 12V charger with 7 charging steps and offers selectable 0.8A, and 3.8A programmes. The 'Snowflake' modes operates on the 3.8A programme. Wide charging range on all lead-acid battery types from 1.2Ah up to 80Ah with additional maintenance capability to 130Ah. Splash proof and dust proof (IP65). The MXS 3.8 is easy and safe to use, protects vehicle electronics, is spark-free, reverse polarity protected and short circuit proof. The MXS 3.8 features a 5 year warranty.
Features & Benefits:
No need to disconnect the battery terminals
Suitable for all types of 12v lead-acid batteries (inc GEL & AGM)
Charges batteries up to approx. 80Ah & conditions larger batteries up to 130Ah
Fully automatic - switches to conditioning mode after initial charge
Can be left connected for months - ideal for occasional-use vehicles
Simple 'plug n play' operation - no settings to make
Compact rugged design - splash resistant & dust-proof
Dual charging options - small batteries (i.e. motorcycles) & larger batteries (cars)
Special cold mode - charge during cold winter days without problems
Supplied with insulated croc-clip connectors & additional eyelet connector lead
5 year warranty
A great all-round charger. Simple, safe and compact.
The ideal way to keep most household vehicle's batteries in top condition.
Technical Specification:
Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
Selectable Outputs: 14.4V @ 0.8A (Motorcycles) or 14.7V @ 3.6A (Cars)
Min / Max Battery Size: 1.2Ah - 80Ah (charging) & 130Ah (conditioning)
Dimensions: 168mm x 65mm x 38mm (L x W x H)
Lead Lengths: AC: 140cm / DC: 110cm / Extension: 40cm
Casing: IP65 compliant
More Information
Weight 0.850000
Universal Part Yes
Condition New
Brand Ctek
MPN 56-972
Spotlight Group Winter product
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