AGM12-12, AGM, 12Ah
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Sealed and maintenance-free AGM battery from Exide who also manufacture the original Equipment BMW battery. In this design, the acid is completely absorbed into glass mat separators which are sandwiched between the lead plates. AGM is an abbreviation for absorbed glass mat. It's a totally sealed and maintenance free design. There are no discharge tubes or fillers caps, which eliminates the need to maintain water levels and offers no concern about acid leaks on valuable parts and accessories.


  • maintenance-free, sealed design
  • no liquid, zero corrosion
  • absorbed glass mat technology
  • resists vibration damage
  • very low self-discharge rate
  • higher cold cranking amps than stock wet lead acid batteries
  • 12V 12ah 200CCA

Dimensions are (L) 150mm (W) 87mm x (H) 145mm.
Please note if your existing battery is shorter in height you may need to remove the spacer underneath your battery in order to facilitate fitment.

Please note this item can only be sent within UK and Europe.

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Weight 6.000000
Universal Part No
Condition New
Associated BMW part 61 21 8 394 179
Brand Exide
MPN AGM12-12
Battery Type AGM
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