Carburettor overhaul kit

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The kit contains all rubber parts, gaskets, jets, needles and float needle retaining clip for one carb.  The rubber parts in the kit are made from Viton which is ethanol resistant. 

Please note, the jets and needles supplied in this kit are as per the original carb specifications. 

This kit covers the following carb numbers which are for the European specification models with 40mm carbs.  (Please note USA spec bikes run 32mm carbs, numbers 64/32/357 and 64/32/358; please enquire if you require a rebuild kit for these models).  If you are not sure of the carb numbers, these can be found on the main body of the carb.

94/40/123 Left hand
94/40/124 Right hand

The kit comprises :-

  • FUA35318    Float needle (1)
  • FUA35320    Float needle retaining clip (1)
  • FUA35774    Diaphragm (1)
  • FUA38519    Idle jet 45 (1)
  • FUA38522    Slide needle (1)
  • FUA54735    Idle/pilot jet O rings (2)
  • FUA54739    Throttle shaft O ring (1)
  • FUA54764    Float bowl gasket (1)
  • FUA56353    Choke cover gasket (1)
  • FUA57812    Mixture tube O ring (1)
  • FUA57819    Choke shaft O ring (1)
  • FUA60972    Main jet 150 (1)
  • FUA61702    Needle jet 2.66 (1)


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Please can you explain the advantages of Viton seals & O-rings?
Viton is a highly durable material used for O-rings, seals, and gaskets. It is used commonly for automotive applications, which makes it ideal for motorcycle usage!

Compared to other elastomers (rubbery materials!), Viton...
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