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Unfortunately, failures of the ABS system can be quite common on models fitted with Servo ABS. Brand new replacement Servo ABS units from BMW can cost upwards of £1500+ VAT and fitting, however it is not uncommon for these to also fail in the future. 

This item is a tidy way of removing the servo ABS unit from your bike but keeping the OEM pipe work in place. This will return your bike back to a standard (non-ABS) braking system, however you will have consistant performance with no chance of residual braking performance after Servo failure.

This item is ideal if you are considering fitting a new ABS unit at a later stage, or if you want the bike to still look original.

Please see the pictures for more details. Fittings included along with instructions. 

Please note: see OIA11027 to seal the ECU to the bracket (ECU is not supplied for illustration purposes only) - it is very important to make sure the ECU is sealed on to the bracket to prevent dirt and water ingress, as the ECU controls some electrical functionality such as the speedo, and is not available seperately.

Please note: On K1200RT/LT models, you will need to replace the rear reservoir with part number BRB14082. 

For more information about ABS removal, please contact our sales team with your bikes VIN and we will be happy to assist. 

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Customer Questions
Does this still allow full use of cruise control? Also, when installed, does the front brake still activate the rear brake (2002 US model K1200RS w/ integrated braking) or are they both completely independent? Thx.
Hi, cruise control should work unhindered as you will retain the ECU that is attached to your ABS unit - this ECU controls this functionality along with lighting / speedo etc. The brakes are not linked and operate seperately once the ABS has been removed...
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