Speedo Angels

Speedo Angels
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Ever bought a new bike and discovered after a few rides that your instrumentation is covered in small scratches and marks?

That's where Speedo Angels come in!

A few reasons why should you fit a screen protector:

- Protection against scratches and marks
- Retain resale value
- Anti-glare screen protectors are available, helping to reduce reflections and making your instrumentation easier to read! 

Along with ultra-clear and anti-glare screen protectors, for some model fitments Speedo Angels also provide their 'Nano Glass' and 'Tempered Glass' screen protectors which offer even more protection. They are supplied in multi-packs of different quantities, ideal to keep as a spare should you wish to replace in the future. 

Speedo Angels

Run by passionate motorcyclists who test and develop their own products, every Speedo Angels kit is designed and fitted from the actual instrumentation meaning that correct and accurate fitment is assured. Using premium materials, each kit comes with fitting accessories and installation instructions to help you achieve the perfect fit every time.

Motorworks now holds stock of the range of Speedo Angels for all BMW models. See our Speedo Angels brand page below for more information: 

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22 June 2022
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