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Bikes Broken

Below is a selection of the bikes we have broken most recently.
Remember, we have broken thousands of BMWs so even if you don't see your model below we probably have the part you are after. Give us a ring, even if we haven't got the part we may have a suitable substitute or be able to supply the part new. We also have a waiting list so we can contact you when a suitable part comes in.

chevron R45/50/60/65/75/80/90/100 (2 valve)
We've been breaking these for over twenty years now. Here are some we've recently dismantled.
R100RT 81-85
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There's a nice bike hiding under the dust. Plenty of great parts on this bike
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Scruffy R100S for breaking, very original with 32/11 bevelbox and matching speedo.
R100GS 12/1987
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loads of good parts. Runs so mechanically fine.
chevron R850/1100/1150/1200C (8 valve)
Hundreds of these broken. Here's a selection.
R1150GS adventure
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R1150GSA, 43428 miles, in silver. Lovely clean bike with low miles but a blopwn engine means its time to go. lots of very good condition rare GSA pasrts going to stock.
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R1100S 03/1999, 52686 miles, in black.
R1100 RT
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R1100RT 11/1996. 60919 Miles in black and white. Californian Highway Patrol bike. Now we have all had our photos taken sitting on it were taking it apart to put the parts into stock.
R1150R Rockster
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R1150R Rockster. 01/2003 showing 22245 miles in black and orange
R1200C 1999
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Very rare to see these as breaker but lots of good parts
chevron R1200GS/Adv/RT/R/ST/S/Rnine T/HP2
Loads of these broken now including the popular GS models.
R1200GS 03/2007
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R1200GS ABS, 03/2007, 2908 miles in yellow.
R1200GS 2005
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70k miles CAT B!! mechanically fine just cosmetic damage so loads of good parts.
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R1200RT, 07/2005, 67341 miles, in red. Nice runner with everything working correctly.
R1200ST 02/2006
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R1200ST 02/2006, 23893 miles, in red/silver. in lovely condition. Beautiful in every way, except the ABS does not work.
R1200GS 01/2007
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R1200GS 01/2007, 50569 miles, in black. more lovely GS parts in stock. Trevor not included.
R1200GSA LC 2015
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Cat B Front end damage. Loads of good parts still.
R1200R LC 2017
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Cat B. front end damage but still runs with only 3000 miles on the clock.
R1200GS lc
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R1200GS liquid cooled. 08/20015, millage unkown, in white. Opps the front end is gone but plenty that will go again from the rear end.
R1200RS LC
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R1200GS LC. 09/2009, 6352 Mile in Blue. Rather heavy front end damage. A few missing parts but the rest is low mileage and in good condition.
R1200RS lc
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R1200RS lc. 04/2014, 22285miles. Stolen Recovered. Complete and in fair condition. Very nice runner as you would expect at this milage. Breaking for spares all parts going into stock.
chevron K75/100/1100
Hundreds of these have ended up in our stores. Almost all parts available.
K100LT 1987
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Neglected Gold K100LT. Plenty of parts to put to stock.
K75S 06/1990
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63k miles. good runner with a low seat on it.
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K1100LT 02/1994, 86851miles, in grey
K100RS 06/1986
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K100RS 06/1986, 85957miles in white. an interesting brat bike very clean but with a damaged wiring loom so were breaking it. pity as every one seams to like it.
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K75, 12/1988, 157522 miles in black. Factory low seat kit.
chevron K1200RS/GT/LT (in-line flat four)
K1200 flat four models we've already dismantled
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K1200RS 09/1997 73k miles. in blue
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K1200LT 06/1999, 88693miles in silver.
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K1200LT, 04/2000, 69214 miles, in Grey. Yup yet another one in for breaking. Everything works and its all in very good general condition. Loads of nice parts into stock, including one of our Imp conversion kits.
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K1200LT 01/2000, 80085miles in red.
K1200RS 00
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Here we go again.Another K12 59000 miles only scruffy but runs well.
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